Rating: G
Length: 111 mins
Cast: Bhavin Rabari, Vikas Bata, Richa Meena

In Pan Nalin’s (Samsara, 2001; Angry Indian Goddesses, SFF 2016) glorious love letter to cinema – and food – a 9-year-old boy discovers films for the first time and becomes wholly obsessed.

Samay grows up in a small, remote village in India where his father ekes out a living running a railway station tea stall. His conservative father believes cinema is immoral. Nonetheless, one day he takes the entire family to a religious film (where the audience literally worships the gods they see on screen). Samay is instantly hooked. Against his father’s wishes, he returns to the cinema each day. With the lovingly prepared lunch boxes made by his mother, Samay bribes the projectionist to let him watch movies for free. But change is coming, both to the village and to the world of cinema, and Samay must go to extraordinary lengths to maintain his cinema fix. In a time when we have so missed films on the big screen, Last Film Show leaves us yearning for many, many more.