Rating: MA15+
Length: 120 mins
Cast: Mohini Sharma, Harish Khanna, Sadhna Singh

A newly widowed 74-year-old Hindu woman rebels against expectations in this award-winning, wryly humorous drama chronicling a changing India. In competition, Busan.

When Mrs Sharma’s husband dies, she is expected to live a diminished existence in which her son calls the shots, and she must make financial sacrifices to support him and his family. But Mrs Sharma has other plans. For the first time in her life she does the things she wants to: getting beauty treatments, eating ice cream, going to the cinema and taking embroidery lessons from a friendly Muslim tailor. These innocent moments of independence are increasingly seen as the rebellious acts of a selfish woman by Mrs Sharma’s son and her conservative community. She must fight for her small freedoms. In his striking debut feature, Kislay uses humour and pathos to create an incisive portrait of a fascinating, brave character.