Rating: G
Length: 86 mins

Focusing in on the 2019-20 bushfires, Oscar-winning filmmaker Eva Orner (Taxi to the Dark Side, SFF 2018) interrogates Australia’s woeful record on climate change action.

During Australia’s ‘Black Summer’ millions of hectares of bush and farmland burned, along with homes, livelihoods and an immeasurable number of creatures. Astonishing images of sky-high flames and pyro-convective storms sent shockwaves around the globe. Tragically, many experts – from scientists to firefighters and youth activists – saw it coming, but few with the power to act would listen. As the world’s largest exporter of coal and gas, Australia could play a leading role in forging a fossil fuel-free world. But, as Orner’s urgent film (produced by Dirty Films and Amazon Studios) so forcefully demonstrates, our politicians are reluctant to make a change, and all too frequently, with the support of the conservative media, deny or downplay the impact of climate change.