Rating: LIVE
Length: 115 mins
Session Times (click preferred session time to book):
Sat 17th Sep:

Doors at 7.30pm!

Show Schedule:
Pulp Fiction Soundtrack: 8:00pm
Intermission: 8:50pm
Tarantino’s Greatest Hits: 9:10pm
Finish: 9:55pm

One of Australia’s premier live bands Cheap Fakes performing their insanely epic show Quentin & the Tarantino’s.

Celebrating the music from the movies of the legendary Director Quentin Tarantino, Cheap Fakes performs all of your favourites from the iconic movies we all love from PULP FICTION, RESERVOIR DOGS, KILL BILL and ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.

You will experience a jam-packed mix of surf, soul and swagger! The soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s cult-classic flicks gained almost as much notoriety as the movies themselves! Think PULPF FICTION… With tracks including ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ by Dusty Springfield, ‘You Can Never Tell’ by Chuck Berry and of course, who could forget ‘Out of Limits’ by The Marketts as Butch rides off with Fabienne on his chopper!