Rating: MA15+
Length: 121 mins
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache
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Thu 1st Oct:

The Nic Cage cult-classic in the making returns!

Mandy is set in the primal wilderness of 1983 where Red Miller, a broken and haunted man hunts an unhinged religious sect who slaughtered the love of his life.

“Nicolas Cage gives the performance of a lifetime” – The Playlist

“Mandy’s gonzo violence is fueled by a gripping performance by Nicolas Cage — and anchored with palpable emotion conveyed between his volcanic outbursts”- Rotten Tomatoes

“Cosmatos’ ability to put us in Red’s head – overwhelmed at first with pain and fury, then saturated by the strange drugs he for some reason feels compelled to try – make this much more than the usual exercise in vicarious bloodshed” – Hollywood Reporter

“Mandy is heartbreaking: There’s one lengthy close-up right around the middle when we see the light literally go out from Cage’s eyes” – Village Voice

“Anyone with a taste for Nicolas Cage in full gonzo mode should get some fun out of its fever-dream progress” – Variety

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