Rating: R18+
Length: 81 mins
Cast: Alan Dale, “Animal”, John Michael Howson

Cinema Fiasco
with Janet A McLeod and Geoff Wallis

Come on, admit it. It’s the guilty pleasure we all have – sitting at home and laughing at crappy movies.

Well, it’s time to go public and join a bunch of like-minded film-goers as you chuckle along with the Cinema Fiasco team.

You’ll be encouraged to behave in a distinctly un-cinema-like fashion:
*Laugh out loud at the dumb story-lines.
*Heckle the luckless stars.
*Jeer the ridiculous dialogue.
*Shriek at the hardly-special special effects.

With DVD-style commentary provided LIVE by bad-movie buffs Geoff Wallis and Janet A McLeod you’ll have a hilarious time enjoying these gut-bustingly atrocious movies.

”They rip films to shreds, with hilarious results.” The Age
“The Margaret and David of bad movies” Same, Same


Directors: Kendall Flanagan, Ollie Martin.

A bunch of talentless bogans (sporting killer mullets and bad perms) drive up to Lake Eildon to film a pop video and get chopped up by a maniac with a machete. This legendary Aussie splatter movie has awful dialogue and sensationally bad acting (especially from former Countdown announcer Gavin Wood) and is one of the funniest things you’ll ever see. True to the genre there are gory killings aplenty but the real horror is generated by an endless parade of hideous 80’s knitwear and the Brian Mannix “hit” songs on the soundtrack. The few boobs on display will make you feel like you’re perving on your mum.

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