Rating: M
Length: 98 mins
Cast: Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack

Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson), a retired schoolteacher and widow, is yearning for some adventure, some human connection, and some sex. Good sex.

Whilst her husband Robert provided a home, a family, and something resembling a life, good sex was never on offer. But he’s gone now, and Nancy has a plan: she will find adventure with a sex worker named Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack). In an anonymous hotel room Nancy greets Leo. He looks every bit as good as his picture, but what Nancy wasn’t expecting was conversation as well as fornication.
Leo has a view on everything, and though he may not always tell the truth, Nancy finds she likes him. And he likes her. With growing sexual confidence, Nancy starts to relax. Over the course of three rendezvous, the power dynamics shift and their well-worn masks begin to slip.

“Emma Thompson is sensational in a part that relies on her voluminous nervous energy.” – Roger

“A movie starring the peerless Emma Thompson as a go-getting widow looking for good sex? You have to show up for Sophie Hyde’s earnestly sex-positive dramedy based on this premise alone!” – Harper’s Bazaar

“Thompson is extraordinary as she navigates the various insecurities that come with inexperience, age, and general repression, and McCormack is a charming and understanding match for her.” – The Atlantic

“Intimate in every sense, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande represents an affirming, immensely likable British comedy-drama.” – Hollywood Reporter

“A tender coming-of-late-middle-age drama with a quietly radical idea of self-acceptance at its centre.” – Entertainment Weekly

“A touching little two-hander that does right by its title character…” – IndieWire

“A refreshing, intelligent bedroom drama, Good Luck To You, Leo Grande is a quietly hilarious study on emotional and sexual intimacy carried by two powerhouse performances.” – Little White Lies

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