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Length: 100 mins
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Profoundly in love with life, Fellini went through his existence always seeking its meaning. To mark the centennial of his birth – 20th January 1920 – The documentary investigates in depth his passion for what he defined as “mystery”, the esoteric, the unseen world in a relentless pursuit of other possibilities, other dimensions, other travels and of everything that can make spirit and mind fly.

These aspects, present throughout all his cinematography, have been subject of investigation by the great Jungian psychoanalyst Ernst Bernhard, who not only unrevealed him the secrets of Subconscious, but he also showed him a whole new vision of the world through Tarot reading and I Ching consultation. However, it will be the encounter with Gustavo Rol, known for “Giulietta degli Spiriti”, that, thanks to his experiments, will prove him that other dimensions really exist and there is no end to the travel of human beings.

A lot of voices will tell about the magic world of Fellini, from the tarot reader that Fellini always consulted to Terry Gilliam (Oscar nominee for Brazil), from Giuditta Miscioscia, Gustavo Rol’s friend, to the director Damien Chazelle (Oscar winner for La La Land), from Fellini’s collaborators and dearest friends to Oscar winners’ directors such as William Friedkin (Oscar winner for The Exorcist).

Thanks to extraordinary materials of Rai Teche and Isitituto Luce archives and international archive contents, images from his movies and interviews to the intellectuals that most have studied his work, “Fellini of the Spirits” is an unprecedented, intimate and spiritual portrait of the great director.

“It’s absolutely wonderful, very moving. Watching it, I was once again back in the world Fellini created, reliving so many of the cinematic moments that captivated me long before I even dreamed of becoming a film maker. His work continues to hold me completely in thrall. He taught me a new way of seeing the world” – Terry Gilliam