Rating: PG
Length: 129 mins
Cast: Frank Silvera, Kenneth Harp, Paul Mazursky, Irene Kane, Jamie Smith



Kubrick’s first feature film is a powerful anti-war drama, and for decades was thought lost before resurfacing outside of private collections at the 1993 Telluride Film Festival. Set during a war between two unidentified countries, a group of young soldiers behind enemy lines attempt to make their way back to base, while philosophically decrying the effects of war all the way. Kubrick was uncomfortable with FEAR & DESIRE becoming available to audiences again, describing it as “a bumbling amateur film exercise”, but despite a few rough edges it remains an affecting work from an artist already was unwilling to pull punches. Keep an eye out for future director Paul Mazursky playing one of the soldiers.





A film noir thriller about a boxer, a dance hall girl and her unscrupulous employer, KILLER’S KISS sees Kubrick go full genre film, and despite the familiar story beats of a weathered bruiser trying to rescue his girl from violent thugs, the directorial touches and style that Kubrick was developing are instantly recognisable.  Filmed on the cheap in New York City, it’s a feast of gritty locations that memorialise a city that was soon to disappear under reconstruction, including scenes set at the original Penn Station, Times Square, high up in Soho lofts and down at the Brooklyn waterfront.

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