Rating: M
Length: 98 mins
Cast: Jamie Dornan, Caitriona Balfe, Judi Dench; CiarĂ¡n Hinds; Jude Hill
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Written and directed by Kenneth Branagh.

A semi-autobiographical film which chronicles the life of a working class family and their young son’s childhood during the tumult of the late 1960s in the Northern Ireland capital.

“No wonder Kenneth Branagh’s funny, touching and vital look at his own coming of age in turbulent Northern Ireland is the Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture. No movie this year cuts a clearer, truer path of the heart. It’s his personal best.” – ABC News

“It’s hard to resist the movie’s affectionate energy.” – Time Magazine

“The acting is brilliant across the board, starting with Jude Hill; who really does seem like a nine-year-old Branagh and doesn’t have a false moment on screen.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Belfast is a major change of pace for the man who was once dubbed “the next Laurence Olivier,” and easily the best thing he’s done as a writer-director in decades.” – Rolling Stone

“Kenneth Branagh makes a masterful memoir of his tumultuous Irish boyhood….set during the Protestant-Catholic conflicts of the late 1960s, the film is both specific and universal, grand and intimate, sweetly romantic and shockingly violent.” – Chicago Sun Times

“Belfast is about the authentic feeling of family rather than the particulars. In this way, the movie lives or dies by the actors bringing that to life. Thankfully, Branagh’s cast hits it out of the park.” – Associated Press

“For its frequently painful contours, there’s an abundance of pleasures to be had in “Belfast,” Kenneth Branagh’s irresistible memoir about growing up amid the Troubles in Northern Ireland.” – Washington Post

“The affectionate cine-memoir is rendered all the more effective on account of young discovery Jude Hill and its portrayal of a close-knit family crowded under one roof.” – Variety

“Branagh’s most intimate and deeply felt film to date.” London Evening Standard

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