Rating: PG
Length: 88 mins
Cast: Seth Rogen, Sarah Snook, Molly Evensen
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An immigrant worker at a pickle factory is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day Brooklyn.

“Seth Rogen plays both roles and brings a lot to them. As a comedian, he knows where the jokes are, and his timing and light touch are indispensable. But he’s also an appealing, sensitive actor, and this becomes important here, too.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“Rogen’s acting alongside himself is the film’s most potent ingredient. In Herschel and Ben, he creates two very distinct characters with two sets of unique mannerisms.” –

“It has some savvy things to say about social media, assimilation and a specifically American condition: the peculiar mix of embarrassment and pride (and guilt) one can harbor about one’s ethnic origins.” – Wall St Journal

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