Rating: M
Length: 99 mins
Cast: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Doggie, Spoons
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Fri 2nd Sep:
Fri 7th Oct:
Fri 4th Nov:
Fri 2nd Dec:

The Room regularly sells out screenings! Don’t miss out! Book in advance!

** Warning: Please note The Room is an audience interactive event featuring a loud and riotous crowd, quoting along lines, yelling at the screen and throwing LOTS of (eco friendly) spoons at the screen…likely the most outrageous cinema experience you will ever have!!! **

Oh, Hi Sydney!

The cult phenomenon The Room returns to The Orpheum (an exclusive monthly event now in it’s 9th year!) and as always will be an audience interactive screening – so grab your plastic spoons at the door!

The Room is a 2003 American independent romantic drama film starring Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote, directed, and produced the feature.

Originally only shown in a limited number of California theatres, the film quickly developed a cult following as fans found humour in the film’s bizarre storytelling and various technical and narrative flaws.

Within a decade of its premiere, the film was selling out showings around the United States and had inspired a video game, book, and traveling stage show.

The Room – House Rules:
No throwing anything except disposable spoons
No BYO alcohol
2 drink maximum order per person per transaction
No double shot drink orders
No Lighters
Treat other guests & staff with respect
Have fun and be safe
If you break any of them above rules, you will be asked to leave!
*Free water is available*
**Bag checks may be conducted to ensure no BYO alcohol is entering the cinema**

*The Orpheum screenings of The Room are now as environmentally friendly as possible! We’re the first “Room” venue in the world to ditch the plastic spoons for disposable and sustainably sourced birchwood spoons, which we will still re-use as many of as possible for the following screening and recycle the rest*

Official Trailer