Rating: CTC
Length: 95 mins
Cast: Catherine Frot, Melan Omerta, Fatsah Bouyahmed, Marie Petiot, Vincent Dedienne
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The magnificent Catherine Frot (Marguerite, AF FFF16) takes centre stage as Eve, a world-renowned rose farmer dealing with hard times. In this easy-going and good-natured comedy, Eve allows herself to reluctantly accept help from an unlikely source and by doing so, discovers new aspects of life that are worth nurturing.

Eve used to be content living almost in complete isolation to focus on her passion of growing roses. When financial ruin threatens her business and livelihood, desperate measures are required. The solution comes in the form of three new workers, who are recruited cheaply from a back-to-work program. There’s just one small problem: they know absolutely nothing about growing roses, or really anything at all. Eve is going to have to tend to a lot more than just her rose bushes to keep her head above water.

Funny and kind-hearted, The Rose Maker makes full use of casting veteran actor Frot alongside a diverse ensemble of emerging actors to play the hapless farmhands; emphasising how underneath all the obvious differences, there is a shared humanity and the potential for friendship.

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