Rating: PG
Length: 108 mins
Cast: Yves Montand, Isabelle Adjani, Alain Souchon, Jean-Luc Bideau, Hubert Saint Macary

Director Jean-Paul Rappeneau is no stranger to producing brilliant comedies and Tout feu, tout flame certainly does not disappoint. In this fast-paced and amusing film boasting a cast of loveable screwball characters, Adjani portrays the uptight daughter Pauline. Notably, this role represents a departure from her usual raw drama performances and serves to distinguish her great versatility as an actor.
Pauline is suspicious when her absentee father returns home, and it turns out that she was right to be. The charming and smooth-talking Victor Valance (Yves Montand) is a man who works with shady casino operations abroad and has returned to Paris to scrounge for money. Meanwhile, Pauline is on the straight and narrow, having started working for the Ministry of Finance. A very particular struggle emerges between the two and soon enough, both father and daughter are fending off mobsters, culminating in a memorable Alpine chase.
Both Adjani and Montant shine in this entertaining farcical thriller, enhanced by a great cast and an amazing soundtrack, composed by the famous French singer Michel Berger.

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