The Orpheum

Facts about The Orpheum

The main auditorium of the Orpheum dates back to 1935, when it was the dress circle of the original theatre. Now restored to its former glory, it is protected by the National Trust.

The unique art deco designs feature statues of the mythical princess Atalanta of Arcadia. They hold glowing suns in their hands, sun rays run along the side walls through plaster clouds from a sun in each corner.

Starbursts radiate from above the proscenium and the coloured lighting washed the theatre with sunset colours.

Features of the Cinema

This theatre features a giant screen behind a velvet contour stage curtain which rises in formation at the beginning of each performance.

The Orpheum features the NEC super high resolution Digital projector for 2K and 4K presentations (over 4 times greater resolution than conventional full HD), Dolby Digital Cinema Sound, MasterImage 3D and 70mm film projector.

The largest theatre in the complex, The Orpheum features seating for 700 people.