Rating: NR
Length: 90 mins
Vince Giordano, Garrison Keillor, David Johansen

Vince Giordano: There’s a Future in the Past explores the passion of a bandleader, his consummate musicians and their efforts to honor jazz from almost a century ago.

Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks have been playing jazz in the US, and primarily in the New York City area, for over 40 years. This film lovingly explores his decades as a bandleader; his commitment to collecting, preserving and archiving the original sheet music of over 60,000 songs (and what to do with such a collection in his basement?); his perpetual loading and unloading of the band’s equipment in his van (there’s a lot of lugging depicted); and offers a behind the scenes look at the drains of what old school band promotion still entails, even when you’re the Hollywood go-to guy for music of these eras’ charming indie film. Other than that you’ll smile and tap your toes (and maybe even applaud) throughout, there’s such merit in this gem. Vince and the Nighthawks are consummate musicians dedicated to preserving and honoring jazz from decades ago; this film is a lovely homage to all of them. (They schlep a lot of equipment and they bring joy to everyone who listens to them.) Cross your fingers for wider release of the film, and for someone to ask “How come Vince hasn’t gotten a MacArthur Genius Award yet?” and to get that ball in motion.

Critics’ Pick! “The most memorable performances are carried by a mysterious lilt that makes them the next best thing to dancing on air.” – Stephen Holden, The New York Times

“It swings! For anyone who appreciates early jazz and swing, Vince Giordano’s lifelong passion is welcome on dual fronts: the history he’s preserving, and the new energy he’s breathing into a century-old lineage through masterful, joyous performance.” – Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“Illuminating. Packed with sizzling performances.” – Josh Getlin, Los Angeles Times

“Rousing! Showcases both the recreations — persuasive revivals of tunes and arrangements and solos from the 1920s and ’30 — and the great present-tense effort it takes to pull them off.” – Alan Scherstuhl, The Village Voice

“One of the best music docs ever.” – David Noh, Film Journal

“If music is God’s gift to man, then Vince Giordano is one of the angels who delivers it. A terrific film about dedication, perseverance and staying true to one’s art. (And that music!)” – Terence Winter Creator, Boardwalk Empire

“‘There’s a Future in the Past’ is a beautifully crafted testament to the art of Vince Giordano. His commitment to the music he loves is unparalleled, his work ethic tireless, and his integrity unshakable. He is a master musician who has made an immense contribution. He is irreplaceable.” – Bill Charlap Grammy-winning Jazz Pianist

“The beautiful musical life of Vince Giordano is an inspirational story, brimming with dazzling performances by his band of virtuoso players and filled with atmosphere, drama and joy. His story is a metaphor for all of us who simply must follow our muse, consequences be damned, because there is no other choice. We are the lucky recipients of his magnificent obsession. It’s a remarkable film.” – Michael Feinstein Singer, Pianist, Historian

“This documentary is a loving and worthy tribute to a man many hear but rarely see in action, and to give such a cinematic tribute to the man feels not only earned but achieved.” – Will Ashton, The Post

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