Rating: PG
Length: 106 mins
Gillian Anderson, Michael Gambon, Manish Dayal

The final Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, is tasked with overseeing the transition of British India to independence, but meets with conflict as different sides clash in the face of monumental change.

“VICEROY’S HOUSE is very well made, watchable and enjoyable, as are Chadha’s previous films such as Bhaji on the Beach, Bend it Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice. It gives an intriguing and informative background to very important historical events, suggesting the real reasons behind Britain’s creation of Pakistan and presenting Churchill in a rare, questionable light.”

“Director Gurinder Chadha, is known for bringing her unique British-Asian perspective to the stories she tells, and she masterfully juggles this with historical accuracy and a touching love story in period drama Viceroy’s House.”

“Director Gurinder Chadha delivers a gripping political drama, a lavish yet heartfelt account of the household caught in the middle of India’s 1947 partition”

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