Rating: M
Length: 100 mins
Christian Slater, Glenn Close, Max Irons

A wife questions her life choices as she travels to Stockholm with her husband, where he is slated to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.

“The film also has a strong feminist streak, highlighting the way women after years of fighting against being sidelined deliberately are still often assumed to only be interested in shopping and a spa. This is the sort of role that just can’t wait to wrap itself around Glenn Close, like DANGEROUS LIAISONS or FATAL ATTRACTION. She takes on all the facets of Joan, wearing her outward appearance like an elegant coat, but letting flashes of all the ‘other’ Joans glint through, while Pryce crumples up into Joe’s old cardigans like the perfect gentleman. There’s some predictability here, old relationships are like that, and these themes have been round the block before, but the destination, like the Nobel prize, is not the main objective, it’s everything that leads to it that counts.” EYEFOR FILM.UK 4/5.

“Glenn Close gives one of her finest performances… The actress is magnificent and exudes a hypnotic screen presence.. The film itself is superb, a ticking time-bomb of simmering tension which benefits from the audience knowing as little as possible in advance. A rare female-driven film that seems to genuinely understand the psychology of the sex, you might guess that it was conceived by a woman — and you’d be right, twice.”THE FILM STAGE.TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL.

“When I exited the premiere of THE WIFE , I heard, more than once, the utterance from women in the crowd, “I could relate to that movie.” Despite the progress in women’s rights and the rise of feminism, there are many women who feel they still live in the shadows of the men in their lives – whether it’s a father, a husband, a boss. While being married and being a wife is understandably important to many, being just The Wife, is what this movie is all about.” LIVEFORFLMS.

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