Rating: M
Length: 98 mins
Cast: Elisabeth Moss, Saoirse Ronan, Annette Bening

An aging actress named Irina Arkadina pays summer visits to her brother Pjotr Nikolayevich Sorin and her son Konstantin on a country estate. On one occasion, she brings Trigorin, a successful novelist, with her. Nina, a free and innocent girl on a neighboring estate, falls in love with Boris Trigorin. As Trigorin lightly consumes and rejects Nina, so the actress all her life has consumed and rejected her son, who loves Nina. The victims are destroyed while the sophisticates continue on their way.

“The best possible Chkhov on screen… dynamic and unstuffy, beautifully shot and wonderfully accessible.” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

“Highly cinematic…the results are often fabulous.”THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

“An all star cast flourishes in this sumptuous version” THE WRAP.

“Enticing, amusing and passionate showcase for its top-drawer cast led by a once-again superb Annette Bening.” LOS ANGELES TIMES.

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