Rating: M
Length: 96 mins
Guy Pearce, Kylie Minogue, Radha Mitchell, Julian McMahon, Asha Keddie, Jeremy Sims

Directed by Stephan Elliott, a teenager comes of age in a small Australian town during the 1970s when a 200-ton blue whale gets washed up on a local beach.

‘Nothing is sacred in the delirious comedy from Priscilla’s Stephan Elliott – a sex romp that simultaneously celebrates and denigrates Aussie culture..If you watched the gloriously ‘Strayan trailer for the writer/director Stephan Elliott’s Swinging Safari, you might have assumed all the kooky bits were plucked out to make an outrageously cockeyed, slaphappy promo. I can assure you the actual film is 10 times as batshit crazy as the marketing materials suggest. It is also a fabulously sly, cynical and cheeky coming-of-age story, comparable to the film-maker’s two rolled gold and beer-battered comedy classics: the immortal The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and underrated Welcome to Woop Woop.” **** THE GUARDIAN.

“As he did so winningly in ‘Priscilla’ Elliott celebrates Australian identity with genuine love while simultaneously roasting it over the coals of no-holds-barred satire and parody” – VARIETY

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