Rating: M
Length: 188 mins
Cast: Tom Schilling, Sebastian Koch, Paula Beer

Inspired – controversially – by the life of German artist Gerhard Richter, this Oscar-nominated epic, from the director of The Lives of Others, recounts a remarkable love story.

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Oscar winner for The Lives of Others) takes a vast view of German history, over three eras, in this remarkable love story inspired by the life of revered artist Gerhard Richter. The film follows Kurt from his childhood in Nazi Germany, to his life as a young artist (now played by Tom Schilling, Oh Boy, SFF 2013) trained to capture the bravery of the working class of East Germany, to someone struggling to find his particular artistic vision when he enjoys freedom of expression in West Germany. At the story’s centre is a beautiful and tragic love story, beginning when Kurt falls in love with fellow student Ellie (Paula Beer, Transit, SFF 2018; Frantz). Though very much in love, Ellie’s father Professor Seeband (Sebastian Koch, The Lives of Others) objects to the relationship and is determined to bring it to an end. With two of Germany’s finest young actors, and an incredibly dramatic story, Donnersmarck carefully intertwines the romance with three key eras of German history in a fascinating way. At the same time, we witness how this love, and this history, affect Kurt as an artist who finally finds his own true path.

“An often moving, thoughtful drama about the correlations between personal experience, politics and art.” SCREEN INTERNATIONAL.

“An absorbing and ruminative new drama from the German writer-director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck(The Lives of Others)”….stately and composed, clear eyed and engrossing” LOS ANGELES TIMES.

“This is one of the most mesmerizing compulsively watchable films in theaters right now” WASHINGTON POST.

“See it and prepare to be stunned and exhaust east the same time” NY OBSEREVER.

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