Rating: PG
Length: 117 mins
Catherine Deneuve, Catherine Frot, Olivier Gourmet

The much-anticipated new film from Cesar-winning writer/director Martin Provost (Séraphine), THE MIDWIFE marks the remarkable pairing of two of French cinema’s most beloved stars, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot.
Gifted midwife Claire (Frot) has led a quiet, focused life, dedicated to her profession and to the raising of her son as a single mother. Her life is turned upside down by a phone call from Béatrice (Deneuve), the extravagant mistress of her deceased father, who wants to meet again, thirty years after having disappeared without a trace. See agrees to meet with her, but is decidedly less than enthusiastic about delving into the secrets of the past, let alone prepared to respond to a plea for help…

“Infectious..director Provost clearly enjoys making films about women for he does it very well. They have fun, making it very easy for us to do the same.” SANDRA HALL. SMH. ****

“A SUPERB DOUBLE ACT…AN ACTING MASTERCLASS IN A CLASSY DRAMA.a rich and nuanced story about the gaining of wisdom around a familiar template.” **** VICKY ROACH. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH.

“Apart from the superbly controlled performances, apart from the quiet humour, apart from the lovely sense of wisdom that underlies the writing, what I loved about this film was the way Provost draws his characters into moments of transcendence.” PAUL BYRNES. SMH. ****

“Its depth and texture make this a moving film about families, time passing and shared history – and the handful of scenes in the maternity unit where Claire works, five or six little miracles of birth, somehow add to its sense of a life as mysterious and precious.” TIME OUT LONDON.

“Offering plum roles to Catherines Frot and Catherine Deneuve, The Midwife is a crowd pleaser about friendship, forgiveness and rolling with the punches.” INDWELLER

“It’s definitely treacly in places and not exactly reinventing the wheel, but the two fine performances at its heart are more than worth it.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

“The pleasure lies in what the co-stars bring to it.” WALL STREET JOURNAL.

“Genuinely moving” THE GUARDIAN.

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