Rating: NR
Length: 235 mins
Angela Meade (Semiramide), Elizabeth DeShong (Arsace), Javier Camarena (Idreno), Ildar Abdrazakov (Assur), Ryan Speedo Green (Oroe)

Rossini’s “Semiramide” is arguably one of the finest operas that the composer created. Being his final Italian work, Rossini had attained a depth of craft that represented the culmination of years and years of steady work.
Unfortunately, “Semiramide” is also monstrously difficult to mount.

Angela Meade makes her Met role debut as the title character in Semiramide. Rossini’s opera, which has not been seen at the Met in 25 years, will be conducted by Maurizio Benini and feature Elizabeth DeShong as the Commander of the Assyrian army Arsace, Javier Camarena as an Indian king Idreno, Ildar Abdrazakov as the prince Assur, and Ryan Speedo Green as the high priest Oroe.

“A golden cast..a beautiful production swathed in blue and gold and filling the house with impressive vocal pyrotechnics.Every member of this cast will east a singer for lunch! A rarely staged but deeply satisfying GEM.
Run to the Met to see this long awaited revival” ZEAL NYC.

“Angela Meade was a force of nature, with gorgeous singing, superb articulation and the feeling that she could do anything. She fearlessly stars in the Met’s current run of this dazzlingly difficult piece.
Usually, there’s a reason that operas disappear at a house like the Met. Some weren’t that good to begin with, others just fall out of favor because of changing tastes. While the latter may partially be true, neither is entirely the case with SEMIRAMIDE (though its libretto does have more loop-de-loops than all the roller coasters in Disney World). It’s the casting. The score is just too fiendishly challenging not just in one role but in many…”

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