Rating: M
Length: 118 mins
Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson

” This highly entertaining return of one of the cinema’s most enduring giant beasts moves like crazy – the film feels more like 90 minutes than two hours – and achieves an ideal balance between wild action, throwaway humor, genre refreshment and, perhaps most impressively, a nonchalant awareness of its own modest importance in the bigger scheme of things.” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

“It has a flat-out ravishing look, which mixes deep, swoony Ektachrome colours with electrifying up-to-the-moment action staging. In truth, the whole film is a kind of eccentric retro-artefact with fun at the forefront of its mind: less Heart of Darkness than darkness with heart.” THE TELEGRAPH (UK).

“A grand cinematic adventure powered by furry fury, as the horrors of war blend with chest-beating creature confidence.” WE GOT THIS COVERED.

Official Trailer