Rating: M
Length: 110 mins
Rachel Weisz, Tom Wilkinson, Timothy Spall

“Weisz brings a ferocious tenacity” — Toronto International Film Festival

In the 1990s, an impassioned and articulate American Professor, Deborah Lipstadt (Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz) publishes a book, Denying The Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. Soon after, a prominent ‘denier’ referenced in Lipstadt’s work, David Irving (Timothy Spall), sues her for defamation. Suddenly, under the rule of the English legal system, Lipstadt must prove that the Holocaust occurred in order to discredit Irving and clear her name. She is matched with a brilliant but eccentric barrister, Richard Rampton, and the exceptionally smart lawyer Anthony Julius, who ask Deborah to buy into a unique and daring strategy – remain silent. Neither Deborah nor a single Holocaust survivor is to take the stand during their defense, thereby avoiding any possibility of emotional bias.
From the screenwriter of The Reader and The Hours, Denial is a remarkable and thrilling procedural drama based on true events.

★★★★★ ‘This film holds a hypnotic mirror up to today’s America.’ NUVO NEWSWEEKLY.

★★★★★ ‘In the year of Trump “Denial” ,which is about the libel trial involving a demogogue, just may be the most important and urgent film of 2017.’ DEADLINE-HOLLYWOOD DAILY.

★★★★ “I find this film and its clear-headed premise rewarding. This reasserts the primacy of truth. What a tonic.” THE GUARDIAN.

★★★★ ‘A terrific legal procedural about defending factual truth and smacking dishonest sowers of doubt. An essential film for our era of ‘alternative facts.’ FLICK PHILOSOPHER.

“Another illuminating performance by Rachel Weisz and a brilliant screenplay by the distinguished British playwright David Hare make Denial one of the most powerful and riveting courtroom dramas ever made.” NEW YORK OBSERVER.

“Weisz’s conviction, passion and galvanizing outrage drive Denial. For a Jewish academic, this was no intellectual exercise, and Weisz lets us see it. Between the frames, Weisz likewise assures us that Denial is no routine movie for a Jewish actress.” SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.

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