Rating: G
Length: 101 mins
Cast: Doris Day, Howard Keel.
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Calamity Jane, a fearsome gunslinger and tougher than any man in Deadwood, Dakota, has found herself in a bit of pickle. In a town of rowdy men starved of female companionship, the world-famous singer Adelaide Adams is all anyone can talk about, and hotheaded Calamity has just made a bet that she can get her to perform at their little saloon.

Clad in horse-riding leathers, Calamity races off to Chicago and bursts into Adelaide’s dressing room, shocking the beautiful performer and hurrying her into a coach. But Calamity fails to realise the woman isn’t Adelaide Adams at all but Katie Brown, aspiring singer and maid to Miss Adams, dressed up in her best burlesque outfit. Both Calamity and Katie have some quick-thinking to do to stop the truth from unravelling!

A comedy of errors and a classic musical, Calamity Jane is a cult queer-cinema staple, filled with wry observations about gender and innocently delivered double entendres. Though Katie and Calamity Jane are both given 1950s-appropriate male love interests, modern viewers will delight in their quaint domesticity, and chuckle at cheeky songs like ‘A Woman’s Touch’ and ‘Secret Love.’ Over fifty years later, the irascible and unambiguously butch Calamity Jane is as charming as ever.

“Day is on top form as the boastful sharpshooter, but she’s ably matched by her supporting cast and the music.” – Empire

“The tunes are gold, and as Jane approaches a local creek, resplendent in her gorgeous yellow gown, we get one of the most famous visual gags in the history of the musical.” – The Guardian

“The scenery is fat and highly flavored. In Technicolor, it looks good enough to eat.” – New York Times


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