Rating: M
Length: 134 mins
Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o

Advance screening on Wed 14th at 8.20pm.

“Black Panther elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU’s most absorbing stories — and introducing some of its most fully realized characters” – Rotten Tomatoes

Peter Sciretta / Slashfilm: Black Panther looks, feels and sounds unlike any Marvel film to date. A visual feast. Wakanda is amazingly realized, the antagonist actually has an arc with emotional motivations. Marvels most political movie. So good. #BlackPanther

Erik Davis / Fandango: #BlackPanther is exceptional – the James Bond of the MCU. You’ve seen nothing like this in a superhero movie – it’s bold, beautiful & intense, but there’s a depth & spiritualness that is unlike anything Marvel has ever done. It’s 100% African & it is dope af.

Mike Ryan / Uproxx: BLACK PANTHER is not screwing around. By far the most political Marvel chapter, to the point I had to remind myself this is a Marvel movie. BLACK PANTHER is a movie with a lot to say. Also, Michael B. Jordan … damn

Brian Truitt / USA Today: #BlackPanther is simply awesome. Extremely bold and as touching as it is thrilling, it boasts GOT-style intrigue, crazy innovative action and a deep bench of memorable characters. Top 5 all-time Marvel movie, easy. More later.

Jamie Broadnax / Black Girl Nerds: Yes this will be the Blackest movie of all time! Excellent special effects, compelling story line, brilliant performances! This will go down in history as Marvel’s best! #BlackPanther #BlackPantherSoLIT

Geeks of Color / Black Panther is the best MCU movie ever. I was blown away from start to finish and I’m not even being biased. This was by far the best marvel movie to date. Thank you, Ryan Coogler! #BlackPanther

Xilla / Global Grind: Black Panther is the most powerful movie I’ve ever seen. So epic.

Kara Warner / People: Hoo boy #BlackPanther. What a ride. The LADIES in this movie are Their action scenes made me weepy. (The men are rad too, GREAT performances all around) So much to process!

Frank Palotta / CNN: “Black Panther” is one of Marvel’s most ambitious works and includes, in Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger, a top tier villain for Marvel or otherwise. He owns every scene he’s in and the film is everything it’s been billed as. Long may it reign.

Tre’Vell Anderson / LA Times: #BlackPanther is a love letter about blackness, to a world that often ghettoizes it without realizing that it is on black backs that this planet revolves.
This world’s livelihood is in our blood.

Umberto Gonzalez / The Wrap: I think the argument can be made for #BlackPanther being the best Marvel film ever! Just got out of premiere & overwhelmed at the imagery, the majesty, & a film that elevates the superhero genre to new heights.

Rebecca Keegan / Vanity Fair: Stunning visuals. Iconic performances. And A REAL FREAKING STORY about a wealthy nation confronting its role in the world. Black Panther has the goods. Also there’s a post-credits scene. Here’s the premiere crowd racing back to watch it.

Adam Vary / Buzzfeed: BLACK PANTHER is just astonishing. Ryan Coogler has harnessed the superhero movie — and a really fun one! — to explore profound ideas and create vivid images of black excellence that so rarely ever make it to a giant Hollywood movie. Wow wow wow!

Jess Joho / Mashable: WOW. Black Panther will change the landscape of superhero movies forever. Expect and demand more from Hollywood. The stories its denied us for so long don’t just *deserve* to be told — they will save blockbusters from total irrelevance and creative bankruptcy.

Steve Weintraub / Collider: #marvel does it again with ‘Black Panther’. Very impressed with the story and filmmaking. @michaelb4jordan absolutely kills it as the villain and is the best one since Loki. Also @DanaiGurira kicks so much ass and I loved every second of it. Going to make serious $$.

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