Rating: M
Length: 99 mins
Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Doggie, Spoons
Session Times:
Fri 3rd Jun: 9:00pm  
Fri 1st Jul: 9:00pm  
Fri 5th Aug: 9:00pm  
Fri 2nd Sep: 9:00pm  
Fri 7th Oct: 9:00pm  
Fri 4th Nov: 9:00pm  
Fri 2nd Dec: 9:00pm  

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Oh, Hi Sydney!

The cult phenomenon The Room returns to The Orpheum (an exclusive monthly event) and as always will be an audience interactive screening – so grab your plastic spoon at the door!

Bring your friends, have a drink at the Orpheum bar (you’ll probably need two) and enjoy what has been referred to as “The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies”.

The Room is a 2003 American independent romantic drama film starring Tommy Wiseau, who also wrote, directed, and produced the feature.

Originally only shown in a limited number of California theatres, the film quickly developed a cult following as fans found humour in the film’s bizarre storytelling and various technical and narrative flaws.

Within a decade of its premiere, the film was selling out showings around the United States and had inspired a video game, book, and traveling stage show.

Tommy Wiseau unsuccessfully lobbied to get the film an Academy Award nomination and “fans” on his website are able to sign a petition to get Tommy a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Critics:

“The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies” – Entertainment Weekly

“A movie so bad, so inept, so unbelievably painful, it’s almost impossible to comprehend anyone thought it would be great on-screen” – Cinema Crazed

“If you experience brain damage as a result of watching this film, I disavow any responsibility whatsoever” – Playback

“And that’s the conundrum of “The Room. It’s so very bad that it becomes riveting” –

“PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE gave me nowhere near as many belly laughs”

“A bona fide classic of midnight cinema, Tommy Wiseau’s misguided masterpiece subverts the rules of filmmaking with a boundless enthusiasm that renders such mundanities as acting, screenwriting, and cinematography utterly irrelevant. You will never see a football the same way again” – Rotten Tomatoes

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